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46MM Galaxy watch double texting

(Topic created on: 29-10-2018 03:28 PM)
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So my watch is getting double texts this happens randomly when I'm on bluetooth and almost all the time when I'm off bluetooth. My watch has a separate number and they are synched. Also which is weirder my watch will text itself  messages that people will send me. For example if "wifey" texted me I will get a text from my wife on the watch and a separate text from the watches number as the contact with what my wife wrote. Once in a while I will get just the watch texting itself and not the contact who actually texted me and I dont knw who is texting until I look at my phone because on my watch it shows up as my watch number texting me. I included pictures. Also when I turn off bluetooth and connect standalone with tmobile I get all the texts that I got when I was connected on bluetooth all over again on my watch sometimes over 100 texts all at once!5251 is my watch number5251 is my watch number




I always get one with a watch and one withoutI always get one with a watch and one without