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Youtube videos with 4K option don´t appear with 4K option on the quality list on youtube app in Samsung TV

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I have a Samsung Smart TV UN65HU8500, its connected ti high speed internet.


When I use the Youtube app on the Samsung TV, videos that have the 4K symbol next to, when you go to set the resolution to 4K will not appear in the list. The max option displayed is always 1080p.


If I connect a PC to the same videos, and access youtube, I'm able to play the same video select the 4k and stream it perfectly.


How to I set get the 4k option to appear in the Samsung smart TV youtube app and get the videos to play in 4K.


Having spent thousands of $ on a 4K TV, I am not happy with this product that a simple youtube app isnt playing in 4K.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

Use the web browser. YouTube works in 4K on there.
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