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YouTube Buffering / unusable on 1310.1 firmware

(Topic created on: 10-07-2023 04:35 PM)
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Hi All,

For two weeks now YouTube takes 15 to 20 seconds to load and play videos. TV model UE55MU6400 on 1310.1 firmware. Tried everything to resolve including factory reset, YouTube app reset only as unable to reinstall due to 'Unable to install, Please try again later (52)' error. No Firmware updates available. Also unable to access Service Menu as proposed keys to enter into menu are not reflected on my old style BN59-01315B remote control.

This is not an internet issue as all other applications work on the TV and YouTube works on another Samsung UE50RU7470UXXU TV with 1401.0 firmware connected to the same network. Another HiSense TV also has no problem. Internet connection to affected tv is 640MB.

Can anybody help resolve as YouTube/Terrestrial TV is main usage on this device.

Many thanks.


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I have an older Samsung TV and it works fine. My S23U is another story, it takes ages to load any video. I believe it's a problem with the YouTube app.

I am having same problems with 4K videos through the YouTube app on my Q900RA 8K  TV(2018), and I suspect it might be a problem with 2018 and older Samsung TVs. Manoeuvring with the remote controll while trying to play 4K is also difficult as everything seems to just stop - and even stoping the video takes time while a 4K video is running. 

The firmware version on my TV is 1334.0, and I have 102.16 (100) Mpbs download and 10.26 (10) Mpbs upload speed when testing on my TVs own internet browser with the web_20230705_09_RC00 YouTube app version.  

On my TV there are no problem playing 4K60Hz. YouTube videos on the TV's own internet browser - it works flawlessly in 4K60Hz - so I suspect this to only be the YouTube app problem. I do not have the Apple TV box or the Chrome-Cast - but it might help with this issue to run the YouTube app through those devices, but I am not sure as I have not have Apple TV or Chrome-Cast connected on my TV. Right now my 8K TV can show 1440p.60Hz. videos through the TVs own installed  YouTube app..... Also, my 8K TV will never play 8K in case you wondering, it was when it was released and through the three years I have had mine only been a functional 4K60Hz. TV, because of 1) a HDMI 2.1 upgrade that never happened / or had any functional use, as 2) even this TV model only have the HEVC / H.265 codec (YouTube use AV1). So I had to go from buying a 75 inch 8K TV, that will never play 8K, but only 4K60Hz at its best, to now have problems with 4K, and only be able to play 1440p.60Hz. at its best.... I wonder what is next......

This 4K problem reminds me of the constant freeze-stop-buffering problem that 2018 TVs, including my 8K, had in November 2020, when there was a firmware update by Samsung that caused a constant problem with showing/displaying YouTube vidoes in 4K, 1440p, 1080p and 720p for up to four months through the YouTube app. before Samsung got it fixed through a new firmware update. No fun for me as this was the time we were in lock-down...... After the software fix / firmware update, the 4K60Hz. worked flawlessly up til around the same time as you have indicated your have experienced problems with your (12017 model ?)  TV and the YouTube app - in May 2023.

By the way, can you check if you  also have a picture-problem with the 1080p. videos on the official Conan O'brian YouTube channel - as their videos seems to have disturbances on both the YouTube app and when using YouTube on the TVs own internet browser.  The picture looks like this:

Link to the Chuck Norris interview on Conan O'Brian show YouTube channel if you can test:


@Winterbourne for some strange reason the 4K and 4K60Hz. on my TV's YouTube app is back up and running smoothly agin, after being impossible to watch in other than 1440p. for several months (I think since around May 2023) - and also the app does not freeze up when I have a video running in a 4K setting, it even took long time to just pause or stop the video. I noticed there is good space on the "timeline" thing - seeing where you are in the video in terms of running time and how much of the video has been downloaded while watching.

I checked the the firmware on my TV and it is still 1334.0 - and it hit me today that I should have keep checking for which YouTube app version I have had (it also updates automatically). Right now I have web_20230813_10RC00 which I assume was released on the 13th. August 2023.

I have not factory reset my TV lately, nor the YouTube app, which was a possible fix mentioned in the Nordic Samsung forum  - so this must have fixed itself, though I seem to remember reporting this issue about a month ago to YouTube. As mentioned the 4K was working when running YouTube on the TV's own internet browser in these months

I have had the setting on the YouTube app to be permanently max 1440p for several months - so today I checked by coincident a 4K video on the official Warner Brothers (film studio) YouTube channel and the 4K worked. The 1080p. Chuck Norris interview on the official Conan O'Brian YouTube channel still have the picture issue with the squares blinking on the top and bottom of the picture - so that is still an issue on my Q900RA (2018) TV....

Fingers crossed my TV does not screw up again.... I do not mind minor hick-ups, but when it goes over many months it takes a toll on my patience.


Try update your firmware.