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You lost a friend

(Topic created on: 31-07-2023 09:05 AM)
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For years I have promoted and work with samsung products but i just cant anymore.

I bought a TV from the samsung store the TV arrived 7 days later only to find out that half of the back light LED's aren't working. Normally if something like this happen I would just mail customer care and things would get underway to rectify the issue.

But samsung kept sending me BOT replies they actually closed 3 of the tickets without contacting me. So here I complaining on a community form in the hope someone can assist me.

My advise to all is rather buy from a store where you can take the tv back than samsungs online store they are just useless when it comes to contacting customers regarding issues .70CU7000.

Regards once loyal customer

Gerald Slade

Yeah I've always said to buy from a store. At least you know where to go to complain if a problem arises.
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@GSlade  Sorry you did not have a great experience in trying to get his resolved.  You may be best placed to call or use the video chat service if available.   However where are you based, I did not see this  model on the uk  support/shop  but it shows up on the  Us site.  We are the Uk/Ireland community on the European communities, if you have a Us model would be best to post on this link 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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Thanks for the advise I am from South Africa... I was so frustrated with Samsung and their local support team that I looked for help anywhere I could find it.

16 day's after my purchase Samsung just informed me they are picking up the TV tomorrow (lets see if that happens). 

Samsung South Africa like most things here, except for our Rugby is slow with incompetent people making decisions.  I should probably just expect less from them. For me its just so frustrating that I know how good the brand is but people or the lack of people (employees or subcontractors) can make a problem so much worse than it needs to be.

It is as simple as if the product is defective replace it as soon as possible and if out of warranty book a repair. That is it.  

Thanks for replying on my post @JAMES4578 @Bigtasty65