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Xbox series X - Q95T screen flickering 120hz

(Topic created on: 28-11-2021 08:03 PM)

I have a Samsung QE65Q95T tv and i want to use 4k with 120hz on my console, but i can`t get it to work.

My screen starts flickering as soon as i set my Settings on the xbox series x console to 4K, 120hz with HDR10 on auto and VRR enabled. 

(It also starts flickering when VRR is disabled)


Does anyone know how to resolve this?


The software version of my tv is 1403.


OK.. UPDATE.. and I think good news.   There was an update to the TV last week..  Software update 2101.   With this update I can now run the 120htz, 4k, HDR and VRR with my XBOX Series X.   Where before when I turned on VRR I would loose HDR..  which you could clearly see the diminish in brightness and color.   There is ONLY ONE issue now... when I change the input to my Satellite, which is 1080i and then go back to my XBOX Series X input...  the flickering I discussed earlier in this chat is present.   So get rid of this,  I have to the XBOX Series X settings, turn OFF VRR, go to the 120htz and change it to 60htz, say NO to saving it that way... which then it defaults back to 120htz,  then I go to VRR setting and turn it back ON.   At that point 4K, 120htz, HDR & VRR is all working fine.   And will continue to work fine until I go back to my Satellite input.    There is definitely something wrong with the way the TV is handling the input switching.   But at least it is a step in the right direction...   I think..  LOL.