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Xbox series X not working with samsung QE55Q95TDT?

(Topic created on: 09-03-2023 10:12 AM)
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Morning All, 

So I've finally be able to get my hands on a series X and my qe55q95tdtxxu simply wont work with it (At all) 
Plugged my old xbox in and it works fine. 
So I thought it may be the xbox (plugged it into my monitor and another TV and it works fine.) 
The Tv's firmware is up to date and all of the HDMI ports work with my friends PS5 and my Xbox one. 
Any tips or tricks/ something i'm missing? 

I've tried: 
Turning game mode On, Off, Auto. 
Replacing the HDMI cable (3 tried all HDMI 2.1)
Turning the xbox down to 60Hz , Turning VRR & HDR off. 
Rebooting the xbox
Rebooting the TV (I really dont want to have to factory it and set it all up again if i can avoid it) 

Is it simply the case the the xbox's full HDMI 48GB's 2.1 port is incompatible with the Q95?
I have noticed on the Q95 reviews online they have a slight deviation in the one connect numbers. 
The one I saw online is: BN91-21888H / SOC1002T
Mine is: BN91-21889B / SOC1002T
But I'd imagine thats simply a build date or something?

Any advice is welcome as the TV is great but I'd hoped the fact it states and lists its 2.1 (back when i got it for futureproofing) hasn't been marketed or lied about.