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Worst website experience of my life

(Topic created on: 12-04-2021 04:02 PM)
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Here is a list of issues I faced when I wanted to purchase a 75" Frame 2021 TV:

- Free Bezel offer on the main page - when you click on TV, this offer is nowhere to be found. 

- The stand is not available for the 75" TV - even for the 65" TV the only stand being sold is  for 2020 model. 

- No Bezel options for 2021 Frame tv on the website. 

- No information available to tell you what else you need to purchase or if the transparent cable comes with TV or not. 

-The live purchase support video call does not work

Overall a very broken experience, it's a shame that they have good products but the digital journey online is possibly the worst journey that I have experienced in 44 years of my life. Now will be looking at another vendor to purchase the TV.