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Wireless subwoofer poor sound

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I recently purchased a Samsung 4K UHD TV and sound bar bundle from Curry’s online and am getting a low volume murmur/crackle sound from wireless subwoofer.

UE43TU8500 Tv

HW-T450/XU 2.1

Talktalk set top box

Sony DVD player

Initial set up very good and pretty easy. From day one noticed the sub issue. Not so noticeable on high action films and scenes which include background music. However during normal dialogue/ conversation the wireless subwoofer produces a low end murmur/ crackling sound. Curry’s and TeamKnowhow were not that interested but did replace it after much misinformation and a 1 hour wait to their customer services line (£12). Unfortunately the replacement was exactly the same so have tried everything I can imagine to locate the issue to no avail. Anyone else had similar issues or have any advice, appreciate any thoughts. Thank you..


Same issue...

Customer services replaced my subwoofer for a new one but it has the same problem. Latest firmware update(v1038) did not work. I am gonna request a refund.

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Hey I've got HW-Q60T and sub barely produces any sound. Is this a joke???


Exactly the same issue . Last week new SamsungTV connected to new Samsung HW Q70T soundbar with subwoofer, all went well. Great sound from soundbar but b all from subwoofer. Have followed all web advice, samsung advice, called pc world who directed me to customer services who directed me to samsing for cycle to start again.


Please- somebody must know what to do?

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Hi, I have the same HW-T450 static noise problem which Samsung are just trying to sort out. It seems to have been a problem also on the HW-Q60T but a firmware update has reportedly cured the issue. The HW-Q60T is more expensive but hopefully Samsung will get round to producing a firmware update for our cheaper HW-T450. They must be half way there already!!

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