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Wifi for TV not acceptable

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Is there any way the RU 7400 series can be adapted to enable it to connect to 5 GHz wifi ? I ‘upgraded’ from my old TV only to find that my new one is actually a ‘downgrade’.  2.4GHz is not good when trying to watch ‘on demand’ programs.  Not at all happy. Why would they ever sell a Smart TV that cannot perform as well as the older models?

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Samsunv have went down hill a lot, the phones are the same my s6 s7 s8 s9 all great the s10 and s20 have went back ways, bad camera bad battery, over heating and many other issues so I won't be buying a new tv from them I'm moving back to lg for tvs I find them more honest, if you can run an Ethernet cable to it would help
that's the reason samsung releases various variations of tv models with specific functionality differences. Best solution is to use ethernet - LAN port but if your router is not close enough then invest in a power over ethernet adapter like this
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