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Why so hard to get atmos, its so simple

(Topic created on: 21-11-2020 06:23 PM)

Have you enabled atmos compatible and turned on hdmi plus on each port? I don't why people don't think they have atmos just because it does not show on soundbar. It won't. I have my Xbox directly into soundbar and shows atmos come up on soundbar as its directly into soundbar. Tv is not and going through arc, so this is all you will see.  Mine used to, but maybe the new tv update does not show it, but your definitely getting atmos and if its a samsung tv does this all automatically and no feedback it has.


Just to prove you have atmos go into info, or info on the smart remote, the one showing colours and numbers 123, in there is your info button. Here is my screen shot and shows I have atmos,  but does not scroll on the soundbar since new tv update, just checked, but plug in xbox or nvida shield with atmos stright into soundbar and come up on soundbar screen. 


Also as long as its showing atmos logo on Netflix it will be playing in atmos, only the soundbar now won't display it. The tv switches automatically to right soynd settings. Its like now tvs auto tune and when first came onto tvs with no feedback it was done through their tv was broken. Samsung as far as sound goes, gives no feedback on sound selection. I have also noticed in the info does not always say atmos primary. This means it was not recorded in atmos, atmos primary means orginal soundtrack was recorded in atmos. It you go settings when movie is playing, how for a sec how Netflix will bring up a settings menu, will see what is checks or can adjust and will most likely find atmos is ticked.


So don't worry if you don't see it scroll onscreen, you see it in Netflix logo with atmos displayed will be playing it.


If you have atmos will show in info on tv