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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???


i have Q9FN and HW N850 Atmos Soundbar


when using Netflix App on the TV, i went into Expert Audio Settings and it lets me select "dolby digital +" for audio ouput


the hw n850 sounbar supports Atmos


yet when on netlfix still only get crappy 5.1 sound


ive owned a sony xf9005 recently and their netflix app gives Dolby Atmos sound using "dolby digital +" , yes it is "lossy" dolby atmos but still sounds much better than DD 5.1


so my question is why are Samsung not updating their Netflix App to have Dolby Atmos. i have what is required here, dolby digital + selected on q9fn and atmos capable hw n850 soundbar. this is all thats required for "lossy Dolby Atmos" same as you get on 2018 sony & LG tv's


come on samsung, please sort this out by updating to a atmos capable Netflix APP version. its all thats needed


its bad enough having no DTS after spending £2000 on your tv & sounbar, the very least you can do to keep customers a little bit happier is Fix this one






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Not on my neither, I have a 8005 3 years old. Connected with arc hdmi. Min polare har en ny samsung tv, samma ARC sonos samma abonnemang och han har atmos


I guess my tv is to old? I don’t have external device manager... or enhetshanterare in Swedish 😞



Bit of i go on my Atv4 Connected to no sound system on an very old tv I get atmos logo in Netflix app


I have the same problem on my 2018 model as I mentioned before. No Atmos with ARC with Netflix. However the problem is in the app not the TV, since it works perfectly on the Plex app with Atmos. 

Ha en skön dag!


Well works perfectly for me with the app, which is fine, maybe an app issue with 2018 tv, but with the Q90, works no problem. Get atmos all the time in the app. The only way you will get atmos is have dolby digtial + turned on, but normally the tv selects it automatically when you have an atmos source

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With the new firmware update I have dolby atmos again in Amazon prime in 75q9fn(3018), as in the past... 

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I have connected my q80t 55 tv and hwq70r  soundbar theu earc, (no AV player, straight connection) "ATMOS" displays on supported Netflix contents , but no "ATMOS" on soundbar , it says only earc. I am using the HDMI cable comes with soundbar which is High speed with ethernet. I made eveything on settings but no success. Internet speed: 35 mbps. please help


I dont know why such a simple thing is so hard for people. Have your set hdmi settings to plus and turned on atmos compatibility as this must be turned on to get atmos, dies no one read the ebook manual on the tv? All explained?

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I have Samsung q9fn and Sonos Arc but I can't stream atoms content from Neflix. It only shows 5.1.

I have tested with the Plex app on the tv and tried to stream Atmos content and it works fine.


Anything new on this issue?

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