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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???


i have Q9FN and HW N850 Atmos Soundbar


when using Netflix App on the TV, i went into Expert Audio Settings and it lets me select "dolby digital +" for audio ouput


the hw n850 sounbar supports Atmos


yet when on netlfix still only get crappy 5.1 sound


ive owned a sony xf9005 recently and their netflix app gives Dolby Atmos sound using "dolby digital +" , yes it is "lossy" dolby atmos but still sounds much better than DD 5.1


so my question is why are Samsung not updating their Netflix App to have Dolby Atmos. i have what is required here, dolby digital + selected on q9fn and atmos capable hw n850 soundbar. this is all thats required for "lossy Dolby Atmos" same as you get on 2018 sony & LG tv's


come on samsung, please sort this out by updating to a atmos capable Netflix APP version. its all thats needed


its bad enough having no DTS after spending £2000 on your tv & sounbar, the very least you can do to keep customers a little bit happier is Fix this one






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Are they only 5.1 at present and any plans to use 7.1 so I can get use out of my ceiling speakers in a 5.2.2 setup? Or does the 5.1 actually (and smart enough) to know I have height speakers and use the Atmos meta data to send overheard data to them?


Definitely not in the swedish Netflix range. When I search Atmos a lot of movies and series shows but the majority of them are just 5.1 and not Atmos


Oh wow. I'm in the us


I had q85r too, and i don't have atmos at netflix on soundbar. What can I do? 


Need to turn on hdmi plus and in sound change to dolby digital plus


I’m getting a Dolby Atmos soundbar tomorrow. This thread is so long so can someone tell me if Netflix on Samsung TV now has Dolby Atmos? 


Also have had atmos on my sa.sung q90r with q90r soundbar


Hi only know if one samsung tv still providing atmos and denondan seems to be the only tv and sound bar working afraid. You can get dolby digital plus but netflix doesn't show it as atmos when you see the show or film in preview but other devices I have netflix does show atmos soundtrack 



 I honestly don't know why many of you guys are not getting atmos through Samsung netflix app. Here is a photo in the app showing clearly I have atmos and plays in atmos through my Q90R soundbar.

One thing I never do is update through usn as this can lead to a corruption of the update and much perfer using smart things and reckon most problems are due to maybe using the USB method.


The beauty of smart things is it updates slightly in the background the tv, soundbar firmware and speakers.


I have earlier in the thread how to get atmos going. I just don't get why so many are having difficulty in achieving it when its been for me very easy and switches automatically to atmos when it plays.


Most of Samsung sound abd picture settings it sets automatically and often don't know unless your soundbar scroll dolby atmos.


Another way is your soundbar has sound modes. With dolby atmos it displays not available  on the samsung sound display. 


Things to look for and why you won't get atmos is these need to be on:


1 set sound to dolby digital +

2 select dolby atmos compatibility to on

3 set input signal to plus must be turned on.

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I have the Samsung 2018 75" Q8D and a Sonos ARC. I can play a ripped netflix movie with Atmos through Plex (TV app). The TV sound setting is set to DD+ and everything works well. However there are no movies showing the Atmos logo in the build in Netflix TV app and no movies is outputting Atmos to the ARC. I cannot choose DD+ in TV Sound settings either while Netflix is in the background. Switching to Plex and DD+ is selected. There must be a major f__k up with the Netflix app on Tizen. Either the Samsung team of developers are incompetent or the Netflix developer team are. If the Plex developers team can do it.... well... I rest my case...

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