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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???


i have Q9FN and HW N850 Atmos Soundbar


when using Netflix App on the TV, i went into Expert Audio Settings and it lets me select "dolby digital +" for audio ouput


the hw n850 sounbar supports Atmos


yet when on netlfix still only get crappy 5.1 sound


ive owned a sony xf9005 recently and their netflix app gives Dolby Atmos sound using "dolby digital +" , yes it is "lossy" dolby atmos but still sounds much better than DD 5.1


so my question is why are Samsung not updating their Netflix App to have Dolby Atmos. i have what is required here, dolby digital + selected on q9fn and atmos capable hw n850 soundbar. this is all thats required for "lossy Dolby Atmos" same as you get on 2018 sony & LG tv's


come on samsung, please sort this out by updating to a atmos capable Netflix APP version. its all thats needed


its bad enough having no DTS after spending £2000 on your tv & sounbar, the very least you can do to keep customers a little bit happier is Fix this one






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Unfortunately most people dont care about atmos or the best sound system so most would not care at all. This forum only represents a small number of people. Samsung will continue to sell well. If the majority did kick up then maybe would do something but the majority are totally satisfied so they wont do anything. For every 1 person how is not happy there maybe 10 who are so why should samsung care from their point of view.

As far as they are concerned the solution is to hook up to an external atmos system. Hense why they updated their soundbar to eARC to get around the tv not having eARC .

I have a Un65nu7200. Besides Vudu and Prime, I dont have atmos capabilities for Netflix.


I did do a workaround, as mentioned in another post.  I put on Jack Ryan on Prime, wait until I have Atmos sign on my soundbar, then go to Netflix and select an HDR video.  I get Atmos that way.


I already filed a complaint to Support but I don't think nothing will be done right now.

What version of Prime Video application you have?

So Atmos is randomly working now on my built in tv app for the Q80 tv with Q80 soundbar. The funny thing is my tv is still on version 1356 and the Netflix app says last updated in April. Not sure what changed but I'm now getting the atmos logo on my screen as well as Dolby atmos displayed on the soundbar. 

I always get atmos and atmos scrolling on soundbar through tv netfilx app. I do at the odd time lose it but very rare and my fix is turn on my nvida shield can can then get into sound options in tv. Change back to dolby plus then turn off shield. Then turn back to tv mode and tv Netflix app once again works in atmos

So weird. Yesterday everything was fine. Now today no Atmos logo on Netflix tv app. Just 5.1

Don't understand the cause 


Same as you 

I used Denon avr through ARC and usually get atmos icon .. but now just 5.1

i do everything ..changing cables .. reinstall Netflix.. but nothing 


I might try unplugging the power of the tv and soundbar tomorrow for a few minutes. Then plug them back in and see if I get atmos. It makes no sense- there were no software updates made


Yes. I will show u on YouTube how i can  get ATMOS on Netflix with ARC. it doesnt work with all titels but some do! Ps you need prime for this solution. 


The video is ready in about 30 minutes


I don't have a prime subscription

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