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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???


i have Q9FN and HW N850 Atmos Soundbar


when using Netflix App on the TV, i went into Expert Audio Settings and it lets me select "dolby digital +" for audio ouput


the hw n850 sounbar supports Atmos


yet when on netlfix still only get crappy 5.1 sound


ive owned a sony xf9005 recently and their netflix app gives Dolby Atmos sound using "dolby digital +" , yes it is "lossy" dolby atmos but still sounds much better than DD 5.1


so my question is why are Samsung not updating their Netflix App to have Dolby Atmos. i have what is required here, dolby digital + selected on q9fn and atmos capable hw n850 soundbar. this is all thats required for "lossy Dolby Atmos" same as you get on 2018 sony & LG tv's


come on samsung, please sort this out by updating to a atmos capable Netflix APP version. its all thats needed


its bad enough having no DTS after spending £2000 on your tv & sounbar, the very least you can do to keep customers a little bit happier is Fix this one






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Yeah I know what your saying it has been discussed that the q90 and I believe the q70 range is able to decode Dolby atmos. As talked about on this thread. The nu8000 range that came out the same year share the same firmware and only lack the one connect box and the backlit led for better blacks.
Originally the question migrated from the original question about the nu8000 series to other samsung models. Trust me the past year the tv has been reset several times it was only when I purchased atmos speakers I was annoyed the tv could not just pass it through and let my av receiver decode the sound like it does for my xbox one. Just means I constantly have to manually switch game mode on and off for game then netflix

I do agree they need to sort out the bugs as it can be hit and miss with others they have good televisions but ***** firmware.


for example my Q70R can potentially do 4k@120 but they need to update HDMi ports to 2.1 and no its not a hardware limitation at all its Samsung lazy limitations.


Dolby atmos on the tv is pointless as it cannot do atmos anyway. Get Netflix running atmos using my Xbox one X and the netflix app on Xbox.


Even if the q90r tv Netflix app on your tv listed the movies in atmos it's still useless for you as the tv cannot put out atmos.

Simple answer the q90r does not have dolby atmos.

Which normally wouldn't be a problem. 

it's just that Samsung told us it was going to be on them.  

They are a Joke!

Sors not matter a stuff the tv does not have earc. There sound bar was updated to earc, so your still getting earc. Through soundbar with atmos systems.

Even if tv had earc you would still need to buy an atmos soundbar or atmos sound system?

So the need for tv to have earc is pointless. I have the q90r soundbar and getting atmos with my xbox one x plugged into the soundbar with makes earc on the tv pointless anyway so not moaning and donr care or worry about it.

But aren't you losing free sync? Earc on the soundbar can pass freesync to your tv without the tv having the earc update?


@denodan Don't confuse moaning and complaining with demanding a company to fulfill a promise on which they marketed and sold a product. I'm happy that you are satisfied with your product and that it works great with your Xbox and fulfills your needs amd expectations. But people shouldn't need to buy and additional product to take advantage of something. And the cost of this tv is not cheap. I am going to be paying for this tv for 2 years and I also bought it with the soundbar. I have the Apple TV connected to the tv and can't get the Dolby atmos from the Apple TV unless I connect it directly to the soundbar. I have the Xbox connected to the tv and can get Dolby atmos from the Xbox unless I connect it directly to the soundbar. 
So basically the only real way to take advantage of your Apple TV 4K, your Xbox, the new PlayStation coming out soon, your Nvidia Shield amd whatever other device that could give you Dolby atmos is by connecting it directly to the soundbar.
Not sure of which soundbar you have but mine has only has only 3 HDMI ports one of them already being used by the tv, that leaves me with just 2 more of which only one is eARC. 
I am not looking forward to be plugging and unplugging stuff from the soundbar just to be able to catch Dolby atmos from the device that I want to use at that moment. 

And if I were to do that, then what is the point of a One Connect box? Just mear decoration sitting on the tv stand? As You can see they made a product and convinced everyone that it would get an upgrade for Dolby atmos and then they just intend to forget about it and in the process they attracted people to buy it based on that promise. Not everyone needs to be happy with that. I am certainly not. And I don't have the money or resources to be buying another expensive tv in a year from now. I am happy with the image quality of the tv. I am happy with the soundbar. But those two together are not so great. (They are like a disfuntional couple). 
People asking a company to deliver a promise is not moaning and complaining. It's called Customer satisfaction and it's a valid claim. 
if I could go back in time I would definitely get an lg tv with eARC and the Samsung soundbar. That is a better pair. 


Exactly what I have been saying what is the point of having a tv that can auto detect hardware plugged in and then stumble when it comes to out putting the atmos sound fail miserably.
Well explained.
Well to get atmos you need additional hardware also. A fact of life. Even if the tv could do atmos it would still be ***** through tv speakers
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