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Why don't Samsung price match?

(Topic created on: 02-05-2021 08:36 AM)

So you wait till the 26th of April because they will have a "supercharged sale". The day comes and the QN95A has no sale even though the marketing material labelled the TV as having a sale. 

As I was really interested in the TV I bought anyways. However, due to a bad and clunky setup process, I tried to contact support to see if they could help with some issues. However, their response in resolving my first issue was enough to realise they can't help with anything in regard to setting up and so on. 

I wanted my voice to be heard so I went to leave a review and to my surprise the TV had 7% off now.

So this time I messaged sales and was told they won't refund me the difference. Considering I am in the UK, I have the right to return the TV within the 30 day period it seems a bit silly returning the TV and buying again. 

Never the less Samsung unpack boast about being eco friendly but in order to get 7% off I need to return the TV and buy it again?

Yes I had this issue on another product. Bought it and on the same day a few hours the price dropped by £90. If it had been a few days then it's sods law....but hours on the same day and the item hadn't been dispatched. They said to cancel and reorder. But when I got off the phone the cancel option was removed. Rang again and the said to return the item for a refund and place a new order. We'll that's wasteful and the refund takes up to 2 weeks.
There's no flexibility in ordering. Even for and identical just is irritating.