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Why do Samsung TV's default to ON for subtitles?

(Topic created on: 19-01-2021 11:42 AM)
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I have two Samsung TV's (UE40KU6470UXXU and UE26EH4510). Anytime I stream anything from a NAS to the TV and the programme has subtitles included both televisions ALWAYS add the subtitles. Yes you can turn them off but it's about seven keypresses on the remote and the next programme will have them switched on again and you no need to go through the same faff. What I want is for the default behaviour to be subtitles OFF unless I want to switch them ON and in 99% of cases they will be off unless it's a foreign language film. The default behaviour should be OFF. I have resorted to ripping all my English language DVD's without subtitles because of this egrgious behaviour. Is there anyway to change the behaviour of the TV so it only shows subtitles when I ask for them?