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Where is the overview of recently watched USB videos!?

(Topic created on: 02-07-2021 11:50 AM)
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I use my TV only to watch documentaries from my USB hard drive and would always get an overview of the 8 videos I watched most recently by pressing the Smart button.

Because I experienced several video formats not being able to be played on my Samsung TV, my friend updated the television to the most recent firmware.
Unfortunately these video formats are still not able to be played with the new firmware, but the worst thing is that the overview of my 8 recently watched videos on my external hard drive is completely gone!

When I now click the Smart button, I only get the option to click on the icon for my external hard drive.
If I now want to continue watching a video I have to click through multiple menus and scroll through my hard drive video library with thousands of videos to find the video I want to continue watching.
How can I regain the option to view my 8 recently watched videos, because without this option the use of my TV has become very inconvenient.