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Where is the Auto Volume setting on a UE49MU7070?

(Topic created on: 08-08-2017 02:08 PM)
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In the manual for the UE49MU7070 TV it states on page 76, at the bottom of the section "Configuring advanced sound settings":-


If you want to use the volume control of a connected source device to control the sound, deactivate Auto Volume. When you use Auto Volume with a source device, the device's volume control may not function properly.


But nowhere in the manual does it explain how to deactivate the Auto Volume setting, also I can't find this setting on my TV anywhere.


I think that this setting is set on by defauklt in the firmware, and this is the cause of low volume problems that people are getting.


Can someone at Samsung check wether Auto Volume is set on by default on the newer TVs?