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Weird problem - when turning on TV each day

(Topic created on: 25-04-2020 04:11 PM)
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Model: QE55Q7FAM

TV has developed a bizarre issue.

Each day when the TV is turned on after a few hours off it comes on sound only which is much louder than it is set to on volume control. There is no picture at this stage.

Two ways that seem to "fix" the problem:

1. Turn the TV off and on with the remote several times- could be half a dozen, sometimes 15.

2. Wiggle the power cord around until an electrical "click" is heard then turn the TV on.


What I have tried:

Unplugging TV at wall, disconnect all leads and reconnecting carefully. The power lead is firmly located in the socket, there is no play on it at all (which you might expect given 2. above.


Another problem which we encounter which may have some relevance. When the TV is being used it randomly turns off at around 1.00am in the morning with the "no signal" message. You can then only watch streaming TV via the Internet. The only solution for this is to wait until the TV suddenly decides it has a signal again.


The TV is still with the store's 5 year warranty.


Any ideas or similar issues from anyone else?