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Web Browser repeatedly buffers and occasionally freezes with on-demand TV sites

(Topic created on: 20-12-2020 11:52 PM)
First Poster

I have a new UE50TU7100 (2020) in the UK which I bought specifically to watch on-demand TV. There’s no D-Play app or iFollow app (not really a surprise) but it’s possible to watch these channels on the web. They both work absolutely fine on my iPad but on the TV they start okay, then after a few seconds the browser just repeatedly buffers, as though there’s insufficient bandwidth. Occasionally the browser just freezes or come up with an authentication error. The Netflix and Prime apps built in work perfectly, so I know there’s no bandwidth issue. I have resorted to using my iPad again for channels such as iFollow and Quest on DPlay, which it’s hugely disappointing after spending so much on a new TV. Samsung should really make people aware that the browser that’s built in isn’t really capable of handling on-demand TV, and is really only suited to some gentle web browsing.