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Wall Mounting The Frame 32inch

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Just started to wall mount my 32inch The Frame TV.

I'm mounting it on a bedroom wall and want to take the one connect cable vertically to the ceiling so the one connect box is in the loft. Unfortunatly the channelling on the TV for the one connect cable only goes downwards. Am I missing something or is this a major design oversight? Without being able to recess the one connect cable within the back of the tv, its going to impossible to get the TV to lay flat.

I have to say, the 32 inch is a step down from the larger models with regard to both the one connect cable (much thicker) and the mounting bracket/s are nowhere near as good as the larger models that disapear into the back of the TV.

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Met the same problem. I'm gonna to put connect box behind the wall instead of plug block.
To be honest I dont quite understand meaning of connect box at all. It seems for me it is possible to move all electronics behind screen by increasing depth by just couple of mm. 
I also met another problem - I just cant undestand how to install TV according to instruction without reversing brackets upside down. Just can't beleive I so stupid so cant undertand mount manual )

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