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Volume using AirPods with Samsung smart tv


Hi. I'm having trouble using my AirPods with my Samsung smart tv. The volume is so low on my AirPods that's its impossible to hear anything that's playing. I have the 7 Series smart tv and I know it's Bluetooth compatible. I've tried disconnecting My AirPods. I've tried deleting the AirPods from the Bluetooth list and reconnecting them and that did not work. I've tried holding down the power button on my remote to reset the TV. That did not work. I also connected my Bluetooth speaker to the tv and was able to adjust the volume using the remote or the speaker itself, but not having any luck with my AirPods. I've tried calling samsung tech support but the lady I spoke to didn't have a clue as to why I couldn't adjust the volume. Someone please help me 



with AirPods Pro?

When i'd try thaïs method, it did't Word for me...

No. Regular AirPods. 

So. Everybody speaks about  AirPods Pro....


Original post mentions AirPods. I replied to original post.

Being the one who created the original post, I was talking about the AirPods and not the pros. From reading some of the replies on here, it seems like the pros work just fine when you do a couple steps, but I haven’t got my AirPods 1st gen to work so I just went ahead and purchased me a pair of beats pros that have the volume adjustment buttons on the earbuds. I hate that I had to spend more money just to adjust my volume but I had no choice. That says a lot about Samsung which is why I am in fact sticking with my iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and AirPods!

Found a bit of a fix. I unpaired my Airpod Pros from the samsung tv. (had to do that first).  Then I paired with the Apple TV 4K HDR box that I have hooked to HDM2  and as long as I was watching anything through Apple TV (Apple, Acorn, Netflix that I have), I could lower and increase sound by using the Apple TV remote + or - button.  Then I went back and paired the Airpod pros  with the tv for regular Cable tv (my cable company Eastlink can't play though Apple TV) in order to use with cable.  for watching cable you can't increase the sound.  If I had a cable company that I could  get through an apple Tv ap it would work for all (Bell has one).  Obviously you have to have the Apple TV box for this to work...and I'm not sure if it works on older boxes.  Hope this helps.

I came here hoping for a fix but this looks unlikely. I am able to use the TV remote on my Airpods 2 but the maximum volume is far too low. 

If you have an Apple TV box and pair your AirPods to that it works. Apple to Apple is the only way

I just had the same problem but I was able to fix it.  Turn the main Bluetooth button on on your iPhone, but do not turn on the connect tv Bluetooth button on the iPhone. This should fix it.  This is what I did and I'm currently listening through my AirPods. 

I had the same problem. I turned on the main Bluetooth button on my iPhone but I did not turn on the connect tv Bluetooth button on my iPhone. It worked for me and I was able to listen.
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