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Voice Control Alexa not fully working Sonos Beam Samsung 2021 Frame

(Topic created on: 14-08-2021 09:09 AM)
garno psa
First Poster

I have the latest 65” Frame TV and a Sonos beam connected via eArc (apparently backward compatible to arc) All Alexa, Sonos and Samsung are latest updates. I cannot turn my television on using the Alexa voice command via the Sonos beam but can turn it off. My friend has an earlier 2018 frame TV and ironically turn his TV on but not off!! Sonos blame Samsung and Samsung blame Sonos!!! I had a 6 year Old Samsung 6000 series prior to this and all Sonos Alexa voice commands worked no problem including voice commands via Alexa requesting Alexa mute and unmute TV.

anyone out there have any ideas? I’ve reset the system, activated Anynet and changed all the cables………..

Thanks in advance. Best garno