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Very expensive TV Set Product with low quality

(Topic created on: 22-04-2024 10:17 AM)

Model Code : GQ55Q90RGTXZG
Version Number : 01 / QRQ90
S/N : 0EEQ3HNM400556V

Very expensive TV Set (Price almost 2000€) after 4 years gets broken by itself. Very disappointed about the quality department of this company. Seems the defect I am experiencing is not unknown. (They started getting away from the One Connect Box solutions - definitely because of many problems they had, which other customers experienced). Many devices in my home are Samsung, as I thought they are serious, but now I will look more closely to LG, Sony and other products. Samsung: the reliability of your products must be definitely improved. You just can't sell a 2000€ product that breaks after 4 years of usage. You just lost a true friend. Bye-bye.

Agree, had the same kind of issue two times in a row. Here nobody can help you in this matter. You should contact Samsung directly. Maybe there is a chance of goodwill.
Ich musste ähnliche Erfahrungen mit meinem UE55JU7090 aus dem Jahr 2015 machen. Im vierten Jahr mussten das Mainboard und das Tcon-Board ausgetauscht werden. Zum Glück hatte ich beim Kauf die Garantieverlängerung auf 5 Jahre abgeschlossen. Ansonsten hätte ich den 2000€ Fernseher entsorgen können, weil die Reparaturkosten zu hoch gewesen wären.
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From previous post it appears this was a Rebooting issue, presumably Troubleshooting has been tried.  Anyway   If on latest firmware  check connections secure and idea to reconnect the HDMI Devices. 

Could hold the  Power Button on the Remote for 5 seconds until it Reboots,  otherwise unplug the TV for around a minute. in these cases if no resolution then likely needs a repair/replacement.

Smart Tv's should last an average of 7-10 years but this depends on useage, unfortunately some are unfortunate.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


Here the latest information:

- after my TV Set got broken I contacted the Samsung Support Service. The first slot available to talk to a service person was only 1 week later possible. So, after waiting for 1 week long, the Support guy called me and after describing the defect and behavior of the fault in detail, he suggested that probably a capacitor in the power module of the One Connect box probably bursted out. My TV was/is only 4 years old - of course with 2 years out of the warranty time. The Support team-member gave me a local Samsung Partner Repair Shop where I could ask for fixing/repair the TV Set. I contacted the repair shop and they asked me to give them all the serials details that could be found on the back of each device from the set along with some videos of the defect manifestation. After that, they gave me some price ranges for the repair as follows: 

- Around 300€ for the power module of the One Connect box
- Around 280€ for the Mainboard box
- Display itself like around 1000€  :))))
- The connection cable between the box and the display like around 280€   :)))) .... one cable :)))

Based on that answer, was clear that they have no clue what could be wrong with my TV Set, so I shall bring it over to them to check out. Only to check it out there costs like around 50€. Which you pay anyway even in the case that the TV can't be fixed. They also offer the service to transport (for you) the device there and back for a fairly "nice" price. 

- I brought the device to the repair shop, and one week later, the response was: the QLED panel must be replaced (which costs around 900€) .... :))))
But (even so) not sure that they can get that part if they order it.

Of course, that the device will be brought back home, as is, for more forensic evidences and maybe a possible law suit against Samsung. This is for me a clear sign of Design Fault that they were/are (in my opinion) totally aware of but do not want to admit. As long as many more users are facing this issue could be a collective law suit. 

It is just not possible to purchase a premium product (which costs around 2000€) and after 4 years without any outside interference, to break down suddenly like that. You can imagine in this 4 years I could have bought 4 TVs for 500€. 

They just sold a faulty designed TV Set (which, in my opinion, they knew is faulty) and made some nice profit out of it. Now, they probably, expect that I will buy another of their product :)))))))) 

Already searching for other manufacturers (Sony, LG, Hisense...) - Never Samsung again. They fooled me this time.

I wish you all good luck with your next TV Device Manufacturer.