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URU8000 Wi-Fi Issue Random Disconnects

(Topic created on: 28-04-2023 04:31 AM)
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I have a URU800 which I've configured to connect to my local router and it works fine ... but then randomly about every 6 weeks or so ... it doesn't.   I at first reconfigured the network settings again and that didn't work.   BUT  I found that disconnecting the power cable at the back of the TV and waiting 30 seconds before reconnecting the power, I could get the Wi-Fi  to work again with the existing configuration.   I've seen other posts talking about manual IP set up ... which I tried without success.   I saw a post about doing a reset and I tried that, and that didn't work.   I tried connecting to 5 Ghz and that hasn't helped.   I suspect from reading on other support forums that it has something to do with a memory leak on the TV, which eventually means the OS runs out memory and can't process the Wi-Fi connection.  By disconnecting the power it flushes the memory and we're ok for another few weeks.    I just wondered to the Samsung techs that may lurk here ... if this is a valid hypothesis?