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URGENT HELP !!! SAMSUNG TV Monitor SyncMaster T200HD Turns Off Switches itself Off Immediately

(Topic created on: 06-01-2018 03:08 PM)
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My Samsung SyncMaster T200HD  was working fine for couple of years.


Then recently started switching itself off after few min.  

Unplugged the Power cable for 5min, plug it , switch on, TV switches off in few min or 1 min.. Unpluged the Power cable.., repeated couple of times, then TV works fine for longer period...

then switches itself Off again..  Unpluged Power Cable, waited few min, then pluged again until works for longer periods..sometimes hours.


I always leave this TV -200HD with Unplugged Power Cable during night /day when I dont watch it. !


Recently left it unplugged, as always for about 2 weeks, and today tried to turn it on,  Even worse-this time TV switches itself Off immediately !  It does not even shows any channel for 1 min as before..

And as before, it does Not turn on at all if you try to turn on immediately , have to unplug the Power cable.


Note: Switching/Turning this TV on means  I try both from Remote and also by touching the Touch Switch bottom right on TV !

Unplugged the Powercable again, plugged it in 5 min,  touched bottom right, light comes on with Turn-On sound, and Turns Off Immediately..! Not even working for 1 min as couple of weeks ago..!? Repeated Unplug/Wait 5min/Plug Power Cable Cycle few times-nothing...same result !!!


Please, Help  ASAP  !  THANK YOU !!