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(Updated to 1402.7 no fix) v1304.0 update downgraded game-mode on Q95T without local-dimming


After updating to 1304 game-mode looks washed out compared with previous version 1115.5 


Now local dimming looks completely turned off on game-mode (without game motion plus). Clearly visible on PS4 pro booting screen entire screen lit up and looks grayish/blooming.

in previous version few zones only lit up around the ps4 logo rest remain dark.


Also looks more banding and purple/green ghosting somewhere even game motion plus ON. I Clearly remember before 1304 update everything looks sharp with effective local dimming on game-mode. After 1304 update gamemode looks washed-out especially when displaying dark areas.


Already we're struggling to get a fix for that game-mode HDR dimming bug now its got even worse. How can you roll-out update without testing it properly?


Edit: GAME MOTION PLUS off local  dimming is not effective and colors are saturated with superior brightness (preferred this always but there is firmware issue every 6min display is dimming lost 40% brightness automatically on HDR when GMP off)


With game motion plus ON local dimming is effective like it was before but colors are slightly washed-out when sliders set to 0 (for possible low input lag). Setting any sliders to 1 restores the lost colors.  GMP ON has lesser brightness no difference switching local dimming to low.


Really messed up game-mode on this TV some serious fixing is needed.




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Here in my case, not even with GAME MOTION PLUS activated the local dimming not works. And about the total brightness of the screen decreases, even in SDR it happens. SAMSUNG fix it as soon as possible. It makes no sense to turn off the local dimming in game mode. If so it was better to buy a TU8000! 😤😤


And another very serious problem of this TV that has not been fixed, if the Local Dimming is in "Standard" (regardless of the image mode) which is a darker scene the whole screen fades to almost 0 brightness !! In the "low" or "high" setting this does not happen. But for me the ideal option is  "Stardard" for Local Dimming, because in the "low" the image is very dark and in the "high" in dark scenes the black is grayish. I am seriously considering returning this TV and buying an OLED from Sony or LG. How does a company like Samsung launch a product and get worse with each update?! 😡


If it is on the game-mode try adjusting dynamic black equalizer.

Just need a game-mode without that game motion ***** making all the issues it is killing the brigthness and input lag. Without game motion ***** it's look absolutely beautiful especially the brightness and colors but that HDR dimming bug keep me to turn ON game motion ***** otherwise it's dimming every 6min. From now on samsung will be called as SCAMSUNG because of false advertising as 9ms input lag because without game motion ***** which increases the input lag it is unusable 


IDK if it is possible on PS4, but as a workaround I recommend you to use 1440p/120hz Movie mode, it has fully functional Local Dimming and less input lag than 4k/60hz in GM


No not playing in PC.

In Ps4pro no specific settings for resolutions and refresh rate. 

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hi suriya

I don't really like the dynamic black equalizer, in some scenes it works well, but in general it doesn't look good. An example is in The Witcher 3 at night the grass of the game gets ugly, and in dark parts like caves the objects get ugly

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This issue is it just for update 1304 or is it also for earlier 1302 update ?


I have the Q90T Europe modell and I dont have the dimming issue in any game motion settings, incl off. 

Still have firmware version 1302 which resolved ghosting issue that I had before. Guess I should not update to 1304, which is available for install under the support tab?

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