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Uncontrollable TV

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Hey, i am basicly experiencing this problem:

Except i am not finding a fix. The TV is a Samsung model "LE4OB535P7W". Anynet is turned off and i tried to update the software - only to find that the tv already had the newest update. I dont have the remote for the TV, so i have always used the physical buttons on the tv. They stop to function when the tv is going crazy, and the only button that works is to turn the tv off. None of the buttons are stuck or whatever, so thats not the cause of the problem. TV is used with a chromecast most of the time, problem occurres both with and without the chromecast plugged in to the tv. The tv is literally unusable at this moment. Desperate for help.

Hope for some nice and helpful answers.


-Student who is hoping not to be forced into buying a new tv

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