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Unable to access TV screen through TV or phone

(Topic created on: 21-01-2024 12:39 PM)

Hello. This problem is different to what I have found elsewhere. I have a TV that will not display a picture on the screen, but in order to mirror the screen *ONTO* my phone via SmartThings so I can navigate the TV menus, I must input a PIN that is displayed on the TV screen. But of course I cannot input this PIN as I cannot read what it is off the screen.

The TV has been factory reset if that helps, but the PIN code is not 0000. I have found myself in a loop of not being able to connect to the TV, which I have to be able to do to connect to it in the first place. Irrelevant to the functionality of the TV, as the error is only at the screen, not the board. 

For further context, the back-light is illuminated, and sound can be played via SmartThings, but no picture is displayed. This problem can be found in other places on this forum though. My problem I have not found a solution to.

The basic thing is, that I am stuck in a loop of having to connect, but not being able to connect to the TV. I guess I either need to keep fault-finding the screen, or (ideally) be able to mirror from TV *TO* the phone, so I can navigate menus and further fault-find.

Currently the TV is connected to my Samsung account, and until I factory reset it, I had full access through SmartThings. I still can access it from phone to TV through SmartThings, and via YouTube mirroring. I am unable to do the 1 thing I need to, too be able to connect the TV.

IMPORTANTLY: The TV model is #qe50q60tau (50 inch)