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UN50NU7100G Digital audio problem

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I have a tv UN50NU7100GXZD (DC08/UNU7100).


Yesterday I connectc the digital audio with toslink cable.


At first, looks like it was working properly. I could hear the cursor sound when you move it, I could hear the app close/open. I started Youtub and it works just fine.


But then, I tryied to use other apps like NetFlix, Plex, Hbo, TeleCine, etc, the audio simple bugged out. You hear just rubish static noise. its starts only when the app try to play some kind of video + audio, for instance, I can perfectly hear the netflix intro "Dum Dum".


Could be the APP right? But then I realized that the digital audio never stop playing, for instance, in youtube where everything works just fine, or seems to be working, if I switch back to the TV Speakers, the Digital audio just keep playing.


And it is not like just one or two app don't work, is more like just youtube works and everything else don't.


Seems to me more like a firmware problem than an app problem.


I did try this smart reset steps but nothing changed.


the audio format is already at pcm and the other two tipes are unavaliable to select.

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have the same issue in Netflix if you change audio from 5.1 to normal mode mine works fine and the same on a lot of the other apps I use but it is such a pain changed back to original settings
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