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UHD and HD issues

(Topic created on: 31-10-2022 11:58 PM)


I had a Samsung 65inch UHD TV which I loved but the reflectors started coming off so I decided to buy another Samsung but 75in this time and place the 65inch in a different room. I have a Denon 4k amp and Sky Q (UHD channels). Everyone always commented on how clear my picture was. 

Here is where its all going wrong for me. I installed the 75inch and HD and UHD pictures looks so poor (quality 720p at best). Smooth faces not detailed faces etc. No sharpness to the picture despite adjusting sharpness in picture settings. I have tried every type of setting change, including turning off auto Brightness, contrast off/low/high . I have tried disconnecting external equipment and just using TVs internal channels but nothing is clear. Done self-diagnostic and its says good, however the pre-recorded video in self-diagnostic area displays in perfect UHD. So I contacted retailer who happily swapped the TV. New TV installed this weekend and exactly same issue.

Now here is the thing. When I have same channel on the 75 and on the 65 the picture quality is so much clearer on the 65 inch. Whilst writing this Im not sure the model number of the Samsung 65 inch (its 4 years old) but the new 75 inch is AU9000 (2021). 

I am really good with tech and have troubleshooted in every possible way but cant get the 75inch to display in HD or UHD. It just looks 720p quality at best (other than its own pre recorded video) What do I need to do or what am I missing. 

troubleshooting done;

  • checked Denon is passing through at 4k
  • Connected Amazon 4k fire stick directly to TV HD port - still poor quality
  • Disconnected all and just tried TVs internal channels
  • All ambient settings turned off
  • Input signal plus set as on for HDMI port 2
  • Done TVs Diagonostic
  • updated firmware
  • Reset (both 75inchs) to factory and started again

I am using HDMI port 2 for Denon as TV says it needs to be that port for eARC

The fact that this is the second 75inch the retailer has sent me, tells me that its not faulty tv as first thought. Im at my wits end now. Please help



Black Belt 
The pixel density will be lower but it shouldn't be that much that it makes all content appear 1080p or 720p instead of 4K. Since you're on a second set and still can't get a decent picture I'd be tempted to return it and go with a different 75" TV. Does where you bought it from allow you to try out display TVs? Just so you can see what you're actually getting before ending up with something you'll be disappointed in again

Thanks for the reply. I was going down the path of may be new model number Samsung but I also felt that this is a setting issue that will probably be in all new Samsungs now as they tend to have same software.

Having done some research last evening, I decided to turn off the input signal plus (ISP), even though it says it must be on to play 4k content from external sources such as my Denon amp. This actually improved the picture quality massively, however I had to set the video settings via my Sky Q satellite box as 2160p 8 bit and not 10 bit. Its so strange that instructions say ISP needs to be on for the HDMI port in use but its actually the opposite that gives 4k quality. Now the only thing left for me to decide is, settle for my 10bit tv displaying in 8bit or keep pushing to resolve.