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UE75BU8500 (2022) -crashing home screen (TV only a day old)

(Topic created on: 16-03-2023 03:17 AM)
UE75BU8500 Owner

Had the TV for less than 24 hours.

It had a firmware update but I don't thnk that was the problem as the home screen/menu was very clunky especially using remote control number 2 (solar? who thought of that? Maybe best to make the TV (or even the solar remote) work first).

I've struggled to select the YouTube app (sadly no button on the remotes) and it crashes the home screen or tries to go to a HDMI connection (there was a laptop plugged in a day earlier) but says connection error then check power. Cycles through that forever.

I reset the TV and the problem actually got worse. On the home screen a little play button icon was overlaid so nothing could be selected.

I decided to telephone Samsung support (thinking they used remote desktop) and they were useless just said the problem was "well known". While on the phone to them it fixed itself although I went to bed so not tested further.

Also Alexa simply doesn't work nothing happens when I press the remote's button. The account is set up correctly as far as I can tell.

If only the remote had a YouTube button (or I could reconfigure a button) it would be fine as the other apps seem fine from a little bit of testing if the remote's button is used to select the app.

Not sure I will be keeping this TV I may have to return it to John Lewis's.

Samsung Members Star ★★

Hi @UE75BU8500 Owner  A few things to try, cold Boot Tv either by  pressing holding the Remote Power Button for around 5 seconds until it Reboots or unplugging Tv from the mains for around a minute.

With the affected apps ensure you have the latest version, though may be on Auto Update. If still issues could try reinstalling the apps.

As far as Alexa is concerned could check guide here and could  try Rebooting the Router. 

However if not happy with Tv may wish to consider your options.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

UE75BU8500 Owner

Hi and thanks for the comments :smiling-face: I've taken a note of that power button remote tip.

TV has been OK today although the solar remote is horrible and keeps freezing (no buttons work but the other remote works fine).

Bought a £3.50 replacement off eBay it can't be worse. The solar remote is nice but none (Alexa, Bixby & Google Voice) of the voice commands work.

Otherwise I love the TV (4K 2160p60 YouTube looks amazing) but I wish I'd stuck with Android.

As I only use YouTube and the 3 HDMIs I'm hoping I won't have too many problems.

I like the proper stand too that was a big reason I bought it as it's just looks better than feet.

I'm glad I have a 5 year warranty.

Community Manager

Hi @UE75BU8500 Owner 

This should now be fixed - well as soon as you connect the TV to the network again. Let us know if it's sorted for you :smiling-face:

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UE75BU8500 Owner

Hi -thanks for helping :smiling-face:

The TV has stopped freezing and I've removed [from the home screen]/locked as many apps as possible so there's no chance of going anywhere near them. That 'game' section brings the TV to almost a standstill while it loads all the *****. I went there by accident.

The solar remote though does still freeze (it seems to not be able to keep up with my button press speed) and voice doesn't work with it. I'll live with that as I have a cheap remote coming (I don't like the main remote).

I really don't like that home page after using an Apple TV 4K box which was clean and simple and I can't imagine it crashing ever either.

Took me over an hour to get YouTube working so hopefully that's the first and last problem. I'll be ready with the power reset method kindly mentioned by JAMES4578 next time.