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ue60ju6800 not turning on - red light blinks 5 times

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Watching Dr Who and the screen went blank but sound kept going.


When turned TV off / on nothing happens except red light blinks 5 times.


Have tried disconnecting power for a few minutes but still not working.


Does this need a new motherboard? Is it cheaper to do it myself or call out an engineer? TV is just over a year old so out of warranty.




Hey @wamballa.


I wouldn't advise fitting any internal part of the TV your self.


It does sound like you need to have an engineer look at your TV. 

You can contact your local Support Centre HERE to arrange a visit. 



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Hello @wamballa,



I did get the exacly same problem yesterday. 5 red blinks and then nothing 😞


My TV (ue65hu7500 ) is sill not operatable. Can You please share how it ended on Your side?



Many thanks!


Greetings from Poland!

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My samsung is blinking 5 times and has a backight on but no picture, This tv is the first one I've done with replacing the boards and still nothing, I wanted to ask you what was the problem with your tv?, Very easy to fix huh, I ust beleive how much they charge to work on them so I have to do it myself, Thanks and hope all is well.. Tonzz


Did you get your tv fixed? If you need anything you can look me up, Depending on your problem and alittle testing will tell you what the problem is, then you can order that exact part for a fraction of the cost and put it in yourself. I'm having a problem with the tv I'm working on now it's a samsung un65hu7250fxza, it's a curved tv and blinking 5 times which I thought it may be the power supply but after replacing the power supply board the main board and the t-con board it's doing the exact same thing? I'm stumped,, So I'm looking around and asking for help. If anyone knows what it is please reply. thank you Tony 

How are things in Poland, I've always wanted to visit, I live in California, Thank you and can you get bact to me and let me know how it turned out with your tv, Tony

Hello @tonzz,


Ive gave my tv to the offical Samsung Service Point and they've diagnosed the problem - it was a main board that had to be replaced. They've shared the model name / number of the mainboard and Ive found it on Amazon. I've bought it and replaced it by myself, was pretty simple and cheaper than asking them to do it.  Im still using that TV :smiling-face:


The things in PL are quite alright but unfortunately the pandemia crisis has an impact on our economy (as everywhere I suppose). Anyway, life goes on.


How are the things in CA?


I hope that soon You will have a chance to visit PL, I think it has quite a lot to offer. When my kids will grow up I want to go back to US and maybe do the trip east coast - west coast (so far Ive been only in Orlando, FL, but Ive spend there 3 months as a student).


Anyway, good luck! Take care.


Greetings from PL :smiling-face:

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