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UE55RU7402 AVI problems and External subtitles in MKV from DLNA


my Samsung LED TV UE55RU7402 55" bought yesterday 

completely frustrating experience 

AVI files almost never play, due to codec errors maybe, but 90% of my older videos are AVI! Transcoding then to mkv, they play, but it's a whole new decade and Samsung is giving no detail about the actual error, just a generic message 

MP4 files usually play (not all)


Now, subtitles via DLNA:

Subtitles to mkv files from DLNA (Wd MyCloud - Twonky server) do not play
If I copy the two files to USB and stick it to the TV, same files play!!!


any ideas, suggestions, advice to contact Samsung directly ?

expected any fixes for that via firmware upgrades maybe ?


thanks in advance !



@skaragiannis: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue with your TV. As a workaround, if you are connecting an external USB hard drive to the TV, can you try creating a folder called 'AVI' and move all your AVI files to that folder, as this has been known to help. The user manual confirms that AVI files are supported, although there may be other factors at play that may be causing compatibility issues. I also recommend checking for an update by going to Settings > Support > Software Update. Let me know how you get on.
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