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UE55MU9000 - Unable to turn off screen when playing music

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This ability to turn off the screen when playing music is very useful when using applications like TuneIn. Even when playing music from youtube, many times you want just to listen, not to watch. Also, for many youtube music videos, picture is static.


I saw that this functionality was available for Samsung TV models until recently. For example: Turning off the picture but not the sound (2013-2015 TVs).


From some reason, this is impossible in my brand new UE55MU9000. If this is true, I believe that Samsung can provide such functionality in one of the next software updates.






It should be a standard feature of all TVs, there is no issue turning the backlight off, in fact it goes off everytime there is an all black picture on the screen as part of dimming.  


I've always had this feature on LCD TVs of the past.  


Getting Samsung to listen and add it to existing TV's that don't have it now, I wouldn't waste your breath 🙂





People should take this into account when they consider Samsung or LG or anything else...

Yes, I'm very unhappy that this feature is no longer available. I like to listen to music while I'm going to sleep, but I can't use the TV anymore because the light of the screen saver is so bright it keeps me awake. If I had known about this problem, I wouldn't have bought the TV.  

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Of course this would be a great feature.  LIstening to music or TED talks. Saving power costs for Blind users.  I cannot figure out why they would REMOVE this.  

I'd bought the QLED Q8 model. Also couldn't find the "Picture Off" function anymore. 



Likewise. Just got a Q6 for a bedroom. Would not have bought it had I known this function was removed. Very disappointed.
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I just got a 2018 series 8 TV and very disappointed this option no longer exists. Really need to be added back in a firmware update

Another disappointed user here, it should be possible to listen to Spotify and turn the screen off. (40NU7120, 2018 model).


Samsung needs to review the instructions here: as the instructions for 2016 models and onwards no longer apply.


Not sure why the would REMOVE such a useful feature.



Very sad and a bad thing they removed this feature! I hope they will put it back in future software updates! GO Samsung, listen to your customers :smiling-face:
As many already suggested they wouldn't even have bought a tv of your brand had they known beforehand, when this news spread it will affect your sales...

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