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UE55MU6179 volume and satellite settings issue

(Topic created on: 06-06-2021 07:49 PM)
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Hi everyone,

since a few days my TV keeps having trouble...

First thing I noticed, it's not possible to turn up the volume any further or to lower it. It reacts to the remote control(s)  but moves from e.g. volume 23 to 23 but it doesn't change the value. I kept trying and hit mute, so it went to mute but never came back. So I took the plug out and restartet it. Good news, volume is working again but now it looses it's satellite configuration. We have this weird Unicable thing in our house (don't ask me why => landlord...)  and everytime when I unplug it, it looses the config. That's quite a pain cuz you have to go deeply into the menu to get that configured again. 

Anybody ever experienced anything like that? Any chance anybody knows a trick?

I checked like 4 remotes, 3 from other TVs and an app as well, all have the same volume issue.

And of course it always looses the connection when unplugged.



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Hi @Hippo  Good sorted but seems to have been just a bit annoying.   With Tv volume issues the next time   best to firstly reset the sound and with inbuilt speaker  I would say  set Audio Input to Bitstream and Audio Out to Dolby Digital. However check the Tv has the latest firmware  1290.3 which was released December 2020. If you do not have it and is not available over the air  you can download the update to USB and install that way.  see this link 

However if you have the firmware and still problem can you try a factory reset to see if that makes a difference.      However  losing the satellite signal when unplugging  may be something  to do with your particular set up.

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Hi @James4578 thanks, I was trying the thing with the audio already, did not fix it:( But I did a factory reset today, the satellite thing seems to be fixed and so far I haven't encountered the volume issue yet, fingers crossed :winking-face:

Thanks anyway, I'll update if it happens again!


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I have the exact same problem with UN65MU6290. Software version is 1290.3. I reset Smart hub, now I cannot accept agreement. So no apps showing. Worst part is if I go to change my internet setting keyboard doesn't show up, so I cannot switch to 2.4Ghz from 5G.