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UE55KS8005T zooms in terrestrial broadcasts

(Topic created on: 18-09-2021 08:40 AM)
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We've had our UE55KS8005T for years, and this zoom thing has been bugging us. The TV zooms in the picture for terrestrial broadcasts. The TV station logos in the corners might only appear partly or the current score in a hockey game only shows the score of the other team. If I switch the input from Live TV to our Topfield set top box, the picture shows in its entirely. Meaning the signal coming to our house has all the data, but the TV crops it when watching the Live TV.

I've checked and checked all the settings and we are not zooming it or anything. I've tried 4:3 ratio just to see if there's more data that is zoomed, but it doesn't show the data either.

I'll attach 2 photos of how it looks like comparing the Live TV to the set top box.


Live TVLive TV

HDMI 1 input from set top boxHDMI 1 input from set top box