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UE55KS7090 One Connect Box - hdmi does not work + sat receiver does not work

(Topic created on: 28-12-2020 04:32 PM)
First Poster

Hello to all and wish you a happy new year.

Sorry to write in English but my daily German is maybe not enough to describe this technical stuff.


My 2016 model UE55KS7090 has lost the ability to play any image and sound from the 4 HDMI ports for a long time (maybe a little bit more than a year).

Since yesterday, the sat receiver is also damaged, not being able to receive any channels.

Full reset/factory reset has been tested and obviously, the same satelite outlet was tested with other television (by the way, also Samsung) and it is working perfectly.

For the moment, internet is working, so Netflix and similar services are being used.

I think I may need to buy a new One Connect Box !!


My question is the following: The original O.C.B. is model BN91-17814H. Am I forced to buy the same model?

I have found O.C.B. model BN91-17814C in the internet. It seems almost identical with the exception it has a twin sattelite tuner. Can I use one of these?

Are other models compatible?


Thanks for your help