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I am a new owner of the above mentioned TV. I am experiencing a few 'issues' which I was hoping someone may be able to help me with. 


1. The TV doesn't remember input labels that I assign. After a period of time (it could be the next time I turn the TV off/on or it may be after a few days) it reverts to default. Anyone else get this? Know a solution?


2. Despite having HDMI CEC turned off the TV will automaticallly switch input when a device is turned on. This can be very annoying as I don't always want to switch to that input straight away. Common issue? Fix?


3. Game mode doesn't have separate settings for HDR / non-HDR. All other viewing modes do (movie, standard etc) so when in game mode and switching between HDR and non-HDR games I have to manually go into the settings and alter everything accordingly.


Would be great if someone else could comment if they are experiencing the same issues. 


What would also also be great is if a Samsung representative could pass these issues onto the team who deal with software / firmware updates.



Known issues which may or may not be fixed in latest firmwares. I have had 10 updates but none of my reported problems has been resolved, each firmware only introduces more bugs.

Hey Oto, thanks for posting!


What seems to be the matter with your TV? Which software version is it currently running on? Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. 




Hi Simbo! :smileyhappy:


We've passed your issues to our TV tech guys.


Regarding that first issue of the TV not remembering input labels, our TV software techs are currently looking into it for you guys.






Thank you for the replies.


With the regards to the input labels this appears to have been fixed with firmware 1154. All of my input labels for my various devices have remained since I updated my TV. However..........


Since believing this issue was fixed with 1154 I have now introduced an AV Receiver into my setup. My devices are connected to my receiver and then a single HDMI cable is running between my receiver and TV, into HDMI 1 to be precise. 


I renamed this input 'AV Receiver' but if I switch the input of my receiver to my Xbox One, for example, the TV recognises this and overwrites my 'AV Receiver' label and calls it 'Xbox One'. Alternatively if I watch my laptop via the receiver the TV renames the input 'PC'. This then permanently loses my original label of 'AV Receiver' so I have to re-enter it back manually every single time.


Also on a regular basis, as I switch between inputs on my receiver, the TV thinks a new device has been connected and prompts me to set it up. I get a message on screen 'A new device has been detected in HDMI 1, do you want to set it up?'. This gets very tiresome after a while. 


The Game mode HDR settings is still an issue. Would be great if the TV remembered separate SDR and HDR for Game mode like it does on other modes i.e. Movie.


One other issue that has cropped up is a micro-stutter when watching fast paced action via Sky TV. I don't experience this micro-stutter on any other input.....only Sky. Now I know people will say that this problem lies with Sky and not the Samsung TV however my previous Samsung plasma didn't have this issue. I have a 10 year old Samsung LCD in my bedroom that doesn't suffer from this issue and a Sony TV in my sons bedroom that doesn't suffer from this either. There is definitely something this TV doesn't like about the Sky signal / set top

box output (possible issue with 1080i signal?).


Even after 1154 the auto-switching of inputs was still a problem. As soon as my blu-ray or Xbox is powered on the TV auto-switches to that input. This is not always convenient.

Obviously this is less of an issue for me personally now that I have an AV Receiver. Probably still an issue for many others though.


I think that is all!




My issues:


My SkyHD 2TB box is connected via a Denon AVR2200 Amp to the TV using HDMI. The Amp is configured to allow the Sky signal through (bypass) when it's in Standby mode. I used to be able to turn on the Sky box, which would then turn on the TV to the correct HDMI input and display the Sky image. However, now the TV turns on but says "no source detected on HDMI4". I then have to use the TV remote control to re-select HDMI4 to make the Sky picture appear. I have spoken to Denon and they have confirmed that no Firmware updates have occured since last year. This issue is also happening on a friend's Samsung KS9500 and a Denon AVR4200 Amp with SKY Q.


Just spoken with Samsung over Chat. They have suggested a known issue with SKY: "We are having problem when it comes to Sky source right now and it's still under investigation"


What firmware you have?


I'll check when home tonight. I beleive it's the latest.

Version 1160. 




has anyone already found the solution for avoiding the tv automatically overwriting the AVreceiver when pc is selected at the receiver.


It is really very annoying, my smart remote controller stops working on the cablebox also connected to the AVR because the original "AVR-cablebox" becomes PC.


Having to reset everytime the remote and sources isn't the way i expected from an expensive tv like the UE55KS7000...


Regards and any suggestions are welcome




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