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UE50TU8500 Timeshift Rewind Problem.

(Topic created on: 27-12-2020 02:31 PM)



Could someone help out with a problem I am having?


I have a new UE50TU8500. I have only had it 4 days. I have run the software update and am running version 1460. No new versions are available.


There is a problem with rewinding live TV. It displays a message of "Not Available" when I try to rewind a live broadcast.

I can schedule recordings and the selected programs DO record and I can watch, pause, rewind and fast forward through recordings so all of that work.

I CAN pause live broadcasts and then rewind or fast forward up to where the timeshift started or ends.

It's just the rewinding of a live broadcast that will not operate.


I bought 2 brand new 500gb external hard drives in the cyber Monday sales. Both have never been used before. One was purchased to be used exclusively by the TV.

I have tried both hard drives and the rewind live TV feature is not available on both but the other features are. I have reformatted both drives to NTFS but the same problem of no rewind persists.


I have owned 3 different Humax Freeview boxes and my old TV all had the ability to rewind live TV so it's a standard feature. I have looked through the setting menus and can't see anywhere to able or disable this feature. Am I doing something wrong or missing a setting somewhere?


Happy New Year.