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UE50RU7020 USB ethernet & App removal

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I have a ue50ru7020 based in the UK, I'm looking for advice
currently i want to remove apps but tizenOS has them locked up

I don't use bbc iplayer and various other apps
why are we not allowed to remove these apps?


They serve no purpose and have no access to the internet due to my firewall rules on the router

but as a safty net i have them locked also, I'm not a UK tv licence holder and I wouldn't be allowed

to use these applications without breaking the law, hence why they are blocked.

Also i know my tv is a lower model but is there a way to fake the ethernet port to think it's connected so i can use a 1GB/s usb ethernet dongle instead to get better connection speeds

it is the mentality of Samsung forcing users to have apps that they never use on their phones. on my galaxy note 9 I have all office apps and 4 facebook apps that I never use and still there is no official way to remove them.

Yeah agreed tho in my phone I was able to remove unwanted apps via adb(debug) without rooting the phone. Unfortunately nothing seems to exist for tizentv it's bad enough the TV has a lot of open ports (telemetry data) which I have blocked but can't close the ports.
Not being able to remove apps is stupid especially if I can already prove blocking communication does not break the tizen os whatsoever, I'm guessing nobody in direct contact with Samsung actually reviews posts here?

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