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UE49NU7102 TV beeps in standby mode


Dear Community, 

Dear Users,


I have a UE49NU7102KXXH TV that beeps/makes sizzling sound around 2 minutes after I turn off into Standby mode. I have realized this sound after 4-5 months after the purchase. This beep comes from the rear section from the USB and HDMI connectors.


Intervenitons so far:

 - remote TV reset by Customer Service, did not rectify

 - panel unit replacement at the sound location, did not rectify (warranty service)

 - power supply replacement, did not rectify (warranty service)


I have all the time the updated software installed on my TV, so I belive this is not a sofware but a hardware issue.

I have already talked ot another mechanics and they say this is not repairable and this is the "specility" of this TV.

 Really? I don't think this is ok. This sound is quite confusing.


Thank you very much for all of the answers!


@gn2018: I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. If you remove any connected devices from the back of the TV prior to switching it to Standby mode, does the issue persist?
Dear AndrewL,

Thank you for your comment.
This was checked at the very first time, doesn’t matter if something is connected or not so to say.
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