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UE48H6700 Has sound but no picture.

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I was watching something on YouTube when the screen went blank. I've tried power cycling out but still the same. It connects to the sound bar ok but the screen is totally blank, no menus or anything.


TV is 3 years old so I'd quite like to get it working if possible.

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Have the exakt same issue with my UE50HU6900 - also 3 years old - so no warranty any more.


What can we do?

Hi @Blueski and @Skellgon.


Are you both still having the same issue with your TVs?

hi with ref to your issue UE50HU6900 4K tv picture,did you manage to sort this issue as it appears this is infact a huge issue with this model,i have had mine for just over 3 years now and last week the picture just went,switched off and had no joy then 2 days ago plugged it in and picture came on and lasted for most of the day and then it went again and hasn't come back on isn't the backlights or the t-con board so it leaves me to believe the reason samsung are not addressing this fault is because they full well what the issue is and personally i think it might possibly be the screen circuit boards ,that admission alone by samsung would ruin them because this is a huge product fault,not just a few customers  but thousands upon thousands who have parted with there hard earned money have been outright robbed by samsung,that is why in the length of time this post has been active they haven't solved the issue or admitted it,disgusting and i for 1 will never ever purchase anything samsung again in my lifetime and friends/family are all being made well aware of just how inferior samsung products really are and how they treat the very people who purchase there products

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