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UE48H6400 Voice functions

(Topic created on: 30-05-2017 06:03 PM)
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I've owned this TV for a couple of years.


Originally, you could press the voice button and say for example "what's the weather like in London" and it would show a graphic with the forecast (I think it used to read out the results too..).


Due to a house move, and work commitments most of the smart functions haven't been used for a while, however I recently tried to 'ask' for the weather forcast and all that the TV will show are YouTube links for weather related videos.


It seems that most of the voice functions that used to work, excluding actually operating the TV no longer work properly. I'm able to say "select HDMI 2" for example and the set will switch. However asking for a company stock price doesn't work. Looking at the help function, it suggested you can ask for Accuweather. Doing so offers to install it, but subsequent requests say that it's not installed and offer to install it again.


Is this a feature that was disabled at somepoint or am I missing something more obvious?


Many thanks