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UE40MU6120 supported by Smart things or not ????

(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 05:42 PM)

I recently upgraded Smarthing and noticed UE40MU6120 is no longer listed?

Looking in Smarthing compatabitlity tv list it does not show up anymore, 6100 does 6120 does not?

I have Integrated Smarthings into Google Home app, There the UE40MI6120 shows up as Samsung OCF TV and shows an on/off button icon of which the top is green and the bottom grey. 

There is no way I can reach the television from my Nest hub mini and get it to perform some trick. 

Allthough in the same 2.4 Wifi Network.

From my Android telephone Home App I can switch the television off but I can not switch it on.

Same behavior as whith a Chromecast that is not on permanent power.

In the Smartthings app the remote control screen is greyed out, unlike in the previous Smartthings version...

So which is it; is this device supported or not.

Is there some overview that shows which device numbers are supported by Smartthings this is already my 6th Samsung device that shows this kind of issues....


Thanks for helping me out.

First Poster

Same here. Although is technically listed as supported (4K UHD 6100 series) it's not detected by the app. I tried everything, from creating a new net to reset both TV and app. I hope it's just a bug because the TV it's not old. Otherwise it would mean Samsung is pushing customers to change devices like they were underpants, and in that case it wouldn't be a change of device but, for me, a change of brand.