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UE40KU6400U TV's sound and picture are not in sync.


I recently bought the TV.  It's great ... but I don't seem to be able to get the picture and sound in sync.

It's a very basic function of a TV to show synchronised picture and sound - so this is frustrating, and it can get annoying to watch (e.g. on close-up's of people talking).


There's a function to DELAY the sound ... which would be great, but the sound is already being delayed by the TV ... so I'd like to know how to delay the PICTURE instead?  (Or to have a negative delay for the sound).


I contacted Samsung via their website 6 weeks ago.  Got an auto-reply email saying "... a member of our helpful support team will be in contact with you shortly...".  Nothing happened.  I replied to Samsung's auto-reply email 2 weeks ago to ask where my support is.  Still nothing from Samsung!


Any ideas, please..?



Hey @JohnB1!

We're sad to hear that you didn't receive an email back from our Support team. If you drop me a Private Message I can look into that for you.

So I'm able to give you the best support and troubleshooting with this. Could you confirm if you have any other devices connected to your TV? Any external speakers, freeview boxes? Do you just listen to the audio through the TV? 

Does this happen on a particular channel or across all of them? 


Hi JordanH


Thanks for getting back to me.


There is a soundbar connected via HDMI  -  but there's no additional delay between the TV and the soundbar, so that's not the problem.


There is a BluRay and a DVRecorder connected to the TV via HDMI, but the slightly-delayed sound happens on all inputs (these two plus the aerial), so it's not the inputs causing the problem.


In short, the TV itself is outputting the sound very slightly after the picture.  Most people don't seem to notice, but I do  -  especially where there's a close-up of someone talking.


Any help you can offer would be appreciated.  Thanks.  🙂



Could you confirm the model of the Soundbar?

I'm aware you don't think the Soundbar could be affecting this but could you remove the Soundbar and then check to see if this continues? 

On the Audio Sync setting, which number do you have this on? 


Hi i have just brought this tv i confirm audio delay on all devices, hdmi tv and ps4 and computer, connected via digital audio and tv sound.. very annoying awaiting a responce from samsung and retailer. This tv might have to go back. Not fit for purpose i did not spemd a lot of money to keep adjusting lip sync all the time...


Hi JordanH


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  The soundbar is a Panasonic SC-HTE80, but ...


I've just tested the TV using a DVD I made on my PC of a lip sync test I got from YouTube ... When playing the DVD on the TV, I set the to the TV's speakers and the audio delay is set to 0.

Running the DVD indicates that the sound is behind the picture by about 100 mS.

(The DVD itself is in sync, as the sound and picture are perfectly in sync when playing the DVD on my PC).


PS: I recently updated the TV's software version to T-JZMDEUC-1165.1, by the way ... so the TV's software is up to date.


I wanted to attach an MPG I took which shows the delay, but don't think I can attach the MPG in this message forum?


Looking forward to hearing from you how I can adjust the TV's delay to about -100 mS.




PS: I meant to say that the TV's software is now updated to version ...1168.2 (not 1165.1).



Try audio offset 50 in advance settings i think that fixed mine then run your lip sync test..


Thanks Muggboat ... but that just increases the sound delay even further.


The problem is that the TV's processing outputs the sound AFTER the picture and there's no advanced settings option for delaying the picture (or a NEGATIVE delay of the sound).


Thanks anyway.


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I just purchased a 65 inch MU7000 and have the exact same problem as you. I am looking for a negative sound delay. Did you find a solution to this?

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