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TV Won't Switch Back to Terrestrial

(Topic created on: 08-01-2021 11:09 PM)

My QE43Q60R has Terrestrial and Satellite antennas so I can select 'Terrestrial',  'Freesat' or  'Satellite'.  On two occasions, now, it has refused to select Terrestrial after watching Satellite. I just get a 'No Signal' message even though it is showing TV as selected.  The first time it happened, I decided to power down at the mains supply and re-power and signal returned but it did not work this time.  There is definitely an issue here.  I can still watch Satellite and the TV Channel numbers and information appear on Freeview but no sound or picture. I can also get some TV Plus channels but those are streamed, of course.  This is just one of a list of niggles with this set which I am beginning to regret buying.


Update:  I can get some channels but only about 1/4 or 1/3of the total.   The rest come back 'No Signal'. I have a Freeview box running from the same aerial socket and that is working fine.  Signal Strength is 94%,  Quality 100% and BER 0 on the working channels.


Update 2:  I ran Device Care but nothing found.


Update 3:  Fixed by running Autotune.