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TV turning on and off repeatably - Samsung TU7000 with Tizen OS

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Hi my TV just randomly turned off and is not turning itself on and off constantly in a loop. 


It goes black, then to the 'Smart TV' loading logo, back to black and continues to do this. 


I've tried turning it on and off by the plug etc. Nothing is working. 


Any advice/fixes?


@jack54321: If you have unplugged the TV at the wall for 30 seconds and plugged it back in, and the issue has persisted, then there may be a fault with your TV. With this in mind, please reach out to our AV Team via phone or Live Chat using the link below, where an advisor will be able to assist you further, and arrange any necessary inspections.


Thanks for the reply. 


Yes I have tried the unplugging for 30secs, no luck. 


I have also tried getting through to Live Chat a couple of times with no success. 


I will try again in the morning. Seems to be a fault with many Samsung TVs so I have read online

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