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TV thinks my Roku is an Apple TV - how to change?

(Topic created on: 04-01-2023 03:08 PM)

I have a Samsung QN90B.

I've plugged a Roku streaming stick into one of the HDMI ports. The TV seems to think it is an Apple TV and has assigned it an Apple TV icon and Apple TV name.

I can rename it "Roku" but when I try to change the device icon there is no Roku icon option. There is also no generic streaming stick icon option. The only options I see in the edit icon list are Apple TV, Cable Box, Game Console, Blue Ray Player, and Home Theatre system.  

As far as I can tell there is no issue from a functionality perspective, so its more an annoyance that I don't have a suitable icon for this device. Is there a solution to this?

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Hi @ozaz I do not believe there is a solution as such  as does not seem to be a general streaming stick option, my Tv is the same  (though personally I am not using Roku). You would just be able to edit the name but not but there is not a particularly suitable icon.  However as you have mentioned  I am sure there will be no effect on functionality and enjoyment from the device.

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Thanks for confirming lack of suitable generic icon is also present on your TV.

Although its a relatively minor thing, it is irritating when a product (especially an expensive one) lacks attention to detail in its design. I feel Samsung should either provide a generic streaming stick icon, enable us to supply our own custom icon, or properly identify Roku streaming sticks.