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TV stops working

(Topic created on: 25-04-2023 07:44 AM)
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I’ve had my 65” Samsung Smart TV for only 3 years, it’s been securely hung up on an interior wall and it’s already broken. It works for about 1-5 minutes then glitches out. There’s a broken pixel line on the bottom 10th of the TV. I signed up for this absurd community page and all of the sudden the TV works again. Broken pixel line is still there though. They want hundreds of dollars to fix it. Samsung makes an awful product. Spend over $1500 on a tv that only lasts 3 years?


@Pmb1: Please can you confirm the model number of the TV? This can be found on the sticker on the back of the device, or in Home > Settings > Support > About This TV. 

Is the line present on all channels and sources? If you head to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test, is the issue visible in the sample beach image? 

I'm happy to provide troubleshooting assistance to see if we can find a solution for you, however please be aware that you are currently through to the EU Community page. If you should need to arrange an inspection or repair, then please contact the relevant support team in your region, and an advisor will be able to make the necessary arrangements for you, or provide details of your nearest Service Centre. If you have already been in touch, and you have received a quotation for the repair, then this is due to the TV being outside the 12 month manufacturers warranty period. We will always look to repair a device if it is viable to do so, however any repairs that are performed outside the warranty period will be chargeable.